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Web Link International Mathematical Olympiad

Official website of International Mathematical Olympiad

Web Link APMO website

Link to the official Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad  (APMO) website.

Web Link BdMO Online Forum

A great community of problem solver and a wealth of resource for the students, and problem solvers of Bangladesh. It is the very first math forum of Bangladesh with equation writing (LaTeX) support. If you are participating BdMO or serious about problem solving this website is a must-join for you!

Web Link Mathlinks

An extraordinary website and online forum for the mathematical problem solvers around the world. It has more than 200,000 topics and 50,000 members. Different types of problems, ranging from middle school to graduate level is discussed and solved here. Simply, it is a must-join forum for every problem solver!

Web Link Mathlinks resource

It is a very large archive of the problems of different math Olympiads around the world. Most importantly, you can find the solutions of almost all the problems of this achieve and discuss them in the forum.

Web Link Wikipedia math portal

Wikipedia is not only the biggest encyclopedia but also is the largest reference for the mathematical theorems, formulas and their proofs.

Web Link Cut the knot

This website is aimed at inspiring young people who are interested in math. Its geometry section is very rich.

Web Link Wolfram Mathworld

This website is good for learning theorems.

Web Link Planetmath

Another very good encyclopedia of mathematics.

Web Link Mathematical Reflections

An excellent journal for problem solvers. It is a must read online journal for every problem solver. It is edited by the legendary math Olympiad trainer, Dr. Titu Andreescu

Web Link Mathematical Excalibur

An awesome journal for young problem solvers

Web Link Geometry portal of Cut-the-knot

One can find the theorems and problems of geometry with interactive java applets.

Web Link Mathematics Olympiad For Children

Maths for kids is a mathematics website made for children from 6 to 11 : they can choose between different levels and exercises : additions, subtractions, multiplications, divisions, numbers, measuring exercises and mathematical problems.

Every hour, there is a new competition, and the winner can select his country, or a country he likes. In this way, children can improve their mathematical level in the run up to the Olympics Games.