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It's Me! *Mahi* - Nur Muhammad Shafiullah

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I am Nur Muhammad Shafiullah, from Dhaka, Bangladesh.
I am from Dhaka College, HSC batch 2014. Before that, I was in Monipur High School & College, SSC batch 2012.
I have been an International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) contestant from Bangladesh from 2011 to 2014 [1]- currently holding the top place in Bangladesh's Hall of Fame in the IMO site in both number of medals and number of participation. [2]
I am one of the earliest users of this forum. Currently, I am a global moderator here, and also the most active user, with more than 1150 posts.
I have also participated in International Olympiad in Informatics from Bangladesh in 2012 [3]. I am also a featured student at[4]

[1] IMO Official site, Participant profile -
[2] IMO Official site, Hall of Fame Bangladesh - ... order=desc
[3] IOI Official Participant profile -
[4], Who's on Brilliant? -
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