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New topic folder

Unread post by Reza_raj » Thu Feb 21, 2013 10:57 pm

Hello! My name is Raj. I am reading in class (x) E.V.
I am a newbie in The Math Olympiad world.So I am passing my time some times encouraged & some time discouraged in the voyage to the journey of the math world.

***I am asking the attention of Admin of this site(Tarik Adnan Moon Sir).....

Can there be any new topic folder in this site, In which every one will project their problem(Not math type) but of the situation they are going through for the preparation of IMO & in which we(The students like us who feels broken when they approach a problem & can not solve the problem even with their hardest shot) will be encouraged about how to proceed...for example:- Suppose Moon sir will write how it was to him when he started for the preparation of BMO or IMO...How many hours he passed for solving problems & how many hours he kept aside everyday for the preparation of IMO...& how he was encouraged to to solve math & to love math & many other untold things which we will know.Through this we will be encouraged to solve a problem when we feel down & discouraged(In that time we can remember the hardest time passed by our Math Heroes,to me,the real heroes of Bangladesh!) this new topic Participants of IMO with also others(Newbies), will write their Voyage in the journey of Math world & how they passed their hardest time & how did their starting time begin?

So Moon sir you can justify this,It's totally up to you sir.Just it's a kind of opinion from me. :roll: :)

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Re: New topic folder

Unread post by samiul_samin » Tue Mar 12, 2019 9:09 pm

How it is possible?
After 13 hours:321471 views!What is the reason?

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