BdOI 2014 Divisional: Problem Sets and Solution

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BdOI 2014 Divisional: Problem Sets and Solution

Unread post by Labib » Mon Mar 03, 2014 11:00 pm

Divisional Olympiad was held on 28 February 2014. Results and National olympiad details are already out. (See here: ... f=9&t=3063)

Divisional Informatics Olympiad problem sets are also out.
Here they are along with the solutions (in case you run into trouble solving them). :mrgreen:

Junior group problems:
(408.22 KiB) Downloaded 1566 times
Senior group problems:
(476.57 KiB) Downloaded 1440 times
(59.69 KiB) Downloaded 1467 times
For any kind of help, join the Official Facebook Group of Bangladesh Informatics Olympiad.
You can ask for help with these problems here in this thread. For any other help regarding Informatics Olympiad, you can post in the IOI sub-forum.

Happy Coding everyone!
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